Our Team


Kent & Marion Fuller

Co-Founders of Trades 4 Life Belize

Trades 4 Life would not be in Belize today except for these two exceptional people. Kent and Marion Fuller have given endlessly of their time and energy to make sure that students, instructors and facilities are all ready to go every year.

Kent's vision for a trades school in Belize many years ago provided the inspiration to launch the school in 2011 and he has provided continuous leadership and direction along with the rest of the board members ever since.

Kent has been a missionary serving with Avant Ministries (formerly Gospel Missionary Union) since 1986. He now serves as Liaison to the Belize Church. His early education was gained at Belize Technical College and later earned a BA from Southeastern Bible College.

Kent and Marion have four children and live in Belmopan, Belize.


Steve Troyer

Founder of Trades 4 Life International

Steve Troyer is a business owner involved in the oil and gas services industry.  Since 1996 he has been developing the vision of a trade school for young men.  He brings valuable insights in business, leadership, and life skills gained through his business experiences.

Steve, his wife, and four children live on a farm in Northeast BC, Canada.  He also serves as associate pastor in their local church.


John & Betsy Troyer



If you know the stories behind the smiles, you will understand why this beautiful couple keeps coming back to Belize year after year to make Trades 4 Life happen! John and Betsy Troyer are full of life and enthusiasm and their critical role in leading the day to day activities is hard to miss. Both the contribution of John's wisdom and life stories and Betsy's fine meals and snacks are indispensable to the school.

John brings over 36 years of experience to the Trades 4 Life Mechanic program along with many years of experience starting and running several small businesses as well as managing other operations.

John has interprovincial journeyman certification for both auto mechanics and Recreational Vehicle technician and has played a key role in developing Canada's national training standards and testing requirements.

John has been a part of church work for more than 40 years as a pastor and mentor. He is also a commercial pilot and avid outdoorsman.

Happily married to his wife for 48 years, John and Betsy live in British Columbia and have five grown children and 18 grandchildren.



Herman Wiebe

Mechanic Instructor

Herman is back! And if you want to learn mechanics from the best, here is your man!

Herman Wiebe grew up in northern Alberta, Canada on a farm and around a lumber mill where his love for mechanical equipment began.

He has Journeyman Red Seals in Auto Mechanics and Millwright and has had numerous apprentices train under him. He really enjoys teaching others how things work

Herman has served in many leadership roles including; Shop Forman, Lead Hand, Manager, Business Owner and Church Board. He is currently working in the industrial maintenance/construction field as a project manager.

Herman is married to his wonderful wife Bernice who will be with him in Belize. Together they have three grown children.


Freddie Bosman

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Instructor

They call him "Mr. Bossie of the Bushveld" and this quiet, wise man is coming back again all the way from South Africa to teach the refrigeration trade in Belize! Welcome back this 'cool' guy and all the students who get to learn from him.

Freddie Bosman has been married 47 years to his beautiful wife Susan and has 3 children and 4 grand children. He spent 35 years working at the South African Telecommunication Company and is a qualified Refrigeration and Air Conditioner Tradesman for the past 15 years.
Bossie is registered as an Assessor and Moderator with the Trades Training Authority (MERseta) and is as a Authorised Practitioner with the Gas Licensing authority.

In addition to training with Trades 4 Life in Belize he also does training in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration at INSIG Opleiding in the Limpopo province of South Africa.


Tino Cho

Welding Instructor

Tino Cho is one of Belize's finest welders and we are excited to have him on the instructor team for the 3rd year in 2020 where he will teach welding and basic machining. As a Trades 4 Life alumni, it is an honor to have the talent and enthusiasm of Tino on the team.

After attending multiple years of training at Trades 4 Life, Tino put his skills to work in the real world where he has gained valuable welding experience. Whether welding security bars, industrial pipe, or a piece of fine stainless tubing, Tino can do it all. His caring quiet ways and hard work will make him one of the finest welding instructors in the country!

Tino lives in Punta Gorda, Belize with his family and is a well respected member of the local church there.

Join me in welcoming Tino to the team!


Jeremiah Allen

Computer/IT Instructor

You will look a long time to find a better computer man than Jeremiah Allen and we are thrilled that he is returning a fourth year to teach computer technologies!

Jeremiah is a 39 year old former US Army soldier and Iraqi war veteran. After leaving military service he worked as an Computer Network Security Expert for the US Missile Defense Agency. In 2013, he left a lucrative career and relocated his wife & two children to pursue ministry in Belize as an entrepreneur. Jeremiah is passionate about Jesus, and sharing the good news with others by living out the great commission in every day life.

Caleb Showalter

Plumbing Instructor


Caleb is a plumber in Oregon, USA and is excited to be returning for his second year of teaching plumbing at Trades4Life. After traveling and working various seasonal jobs, Caleb started plumbing and has worked as a service plumber for over 5 years.


His parents lived in Belize as missionaries for 7 years before he was born, 2 of his 3 brothers were born there, so Belize is a part of his family history and spiritual heritage.


He enjoys trying new things, new adventures, being outdoors, connecting with people, traveling and spending time with his family.


Caleb is married to his wife, Hannah, and has 2 young children, Lynn and Luke, who will be joining him in Belize.