Life Skills

What are Life Skills?

Life Skills are an essential part of Trades 4 Life training, and are a part of our foundational courses provided in addition to trades instruction. Life Skills address both personal and business characteristics and fall into four main categories:

  • Communications
  • Business - planning and management
  • Character, Ethics, and Decision making
  • Family and Relationships
  • Financial management
  • Goal-setting and Life management

Delivered by Experienced Mentors

Life Skill training is provided to students by professional mentors.  These instructors are experienced in business leadership, financial management, and vocational ethics and principles.  Life Skills supply important building blocks that assist a student in successfully applying their trade skills in the workplace.

  • Belize-Life-Skills-sidebar1.png Learning to manage finances...

  • Belize-Life-Skills-sidebar2.png Learning ethics and proper decision making...

  • Belize-Life-Skills-sidebar3.png Learning about Leadership...