The Plumbing course will consist of the following:

  • Putting together PVC pipe sections using the proper fittings along with PVC primer and glue/cement.
  • Checking new and/or existing pipe systems for leaks using water or air pressure.

  • Evaluate blueprints and specs for installation in new construction so you know the exact amount of materials that will be required, equipment and tools that will be used for the job.

  • Become proficient with measuring and cutting PVC and other types of pipe.  You will also gain experience in cutting and threading (steel pipe) and bending pipe using specialized equipment.

  • Work up estimates for future jobs.

  • Installation of fixtures, fittings and valves that are appropriate for the application.

  • Appropriate placement of pipe hangers and braces.

  • Repair and maintenance of household appliances that use water and/or drainage.

  • Installation and maintenance of drainage systems including waste and other materials.

Course Cost: $1,500 BZD