To become a student at Trades 4 Life Belize, please fill out the online form below or click the link to download a digital copy that you can submit via email.  

Download: Student Application Form

1. Fill out every section of the following two pages 

2. If you need extra room, use a blank sheet of paper and attach to the application 

3. Include a resume if you have one and also attach any certification of education or training that may be relevant 

4. Email the application and send to: ATTN: Mr. Lopez Belize Email:

For further questions, please contact Mr. Lopez at: 662-3263

Student Applications Questions
Mr. Lopez
Belmopan, Belize
Phone: 662-3263

Paper applications are also available at Lopez Auto Salvage, Builders Hardware, or Westrac in Belmopan.

Course Costs:    

For Belizean: 

Air Conditioning - $1500 BZD

Computer Technology - $1000 BZD

Mechanics - $1000 BZD

Welding - $1500 BZD

Plumbing - $1000 BZD



For Foreign Students: 

USD $1500

USD $1000

USD $1000

USD $1500

USD $1000

USD $50.00



General Information


Tell Us About Yourself

I relate well with other people
If given a choice, I would lead rather than follow
I am a good verbal communicator
I communicate well in writing
I am active in a local church

Tell Us about Your Background


(Provide a reference for each of the following:)


File Attachments
(Attach available documents)

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